Seeing a therapist is an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and your emotional wellbeing. Problems that people bring to therapy include anxiety, low self-esteem, low mood and depression, stress, anger, problems at home or at work, eating disorders, addiction, relationship problems, family issues, bereavement, gender issues, sexuality, personal development issues and desire for change.


You will be able to talk about your concerns in a confidential, understanding, trustworthy and supportive space and together we will explore your difficulties to help you understand what is happening for you emotionally and how you can look at your circumstances through a fresh lens and experiment with new ideas and solutions. I will be looking to work with you in a way that suits you and helps you to get the most from each session.


The length of the work will depend on your requirements and can range from just one or two sessions, a period of six sessions, or often longer.

Fee: £80 - £100 per session