Children and adolescents can show worrying behaviours when they are holding an emotional difficulty and are unable to understand and express what is going on for them. It is often very difficult for parents, as well as the young person themselves, to identify what the issues are that are making them feel emotionally insecure, but an imbalance can show itself as low mood, anxiety, school refusal, fear of separation, uncharacteristic or aggressive behaviours, low self-esteem, acts of self-harm, eating disorders and exploration with substance abuse. It can feel very worrying and frightening to see children and young people experience these difficulties.

Working with a therapist, they can explore and process their feelings and start to make better sense of themselves and their relationships with others. In the therapy space, they can then be curious about what is happening and think about and consider more satisfying ways to cope with stresses and difficulties.

Understanding their emotional needs can help young people to feel happier and more confident in their everyday life.

Fee: £80 - £100 per session